Quality horticulture

Meeting customer needs and expectations

In the last years, we have opted for a quality horticulture, managing to implement the requirements that the customers have demanded.

The quality policy of the company sets the basic guidelines for action. The first objective of the company is to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer.

We are currently working under a quality system, based on BRC and IFS quality standards.

BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety

It is one of the most internationally popular models for distributors and supermarkets to qualify their branded product suppliers.

The global protocol on food safety aims to ensure that suppliers comply with requirements that ensure the health of their food.

At Mercomotril we have the necessary systems to identify and control the hazards that may adversely affect food safety through a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and with the firm commitment of the company’s management team

IFS – Outstanding International Standards

IFS has eight standards focused on the areas of food and nourishment that cover different processes and services in the long run of the supply chain. IFS does not determine what these processes are but rather provides an assessment of them through a risk-based approach.

The different standards are applied by manufacturers and distributors around the world to meet the demand for quality, transparency and efficiency that result from globalization. For the standards to cover the needs of all parties involved in their participatory development, both industry and distribution as well as certification bodies. In the different sections of the web find the most important topics for different groups.

Quality department efforts focus on meeting the highest quality standards requested by customers.

In handling plants, we have a strict quality control, from the reception to the delivery of the product, guaranteeing that the quality requirements of the products that we place on the market are met. Similarly in the plants we have implemented systems of self-control, to ensure the health, safety and legality of our products.

The company carries out an environmental management plan, developing within it a waste management plan, attempting at all times to reduce the volume of waste generated as well as encourage its recycling. For years the company has been a collection point for the Sigfito network, offering a free service to its farmers who can bring their empty phytosanitary containers marked with the SIGFITO logo. Additionally we offer a free service to our farmers waste management resulting from the application of phytosanitary products, such as masks, gloves.

In field production, we work closely with the
Farmer under the code of good agricultural practices GLOBALGAP


Development Implementation

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Quality Department

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