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Horticultural products and tropical fruits

Quality horticulture

Meet the needs and expectations of the client. In the last years, we have opted for a quality horticulture, getting to implement the requirements that the customers have demanded

Technical advice

Farmers are guided in the process of raising their plantations within the demands and quality requirements of our customers, ensuring the highest quality and wholesomeness of our supply of vegetables for consumption.

Commercial section

The first objective of our commercial department is to ensure the best sale for our products, thus achieving a better price for our farmers, always satisfying the needs of customers.



Cherry tomato




Dutch cucumber


Custard apple



Privileged location

Over 320 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 20ºC, make the coast of Granada has the most fortunate climate of Andalusia. The mildness of the winds of Africa, the warmth of the Mediterranean waters and the protection provided by the summits of the Sierra Nevada, give it a unique subtropical microclimate in Europe, ideal for the production of subtropical crops and crops under plastic. This climate is what makes them so productive, and suppose a lower energetic cost compared to the more technical horticultural farms that exist in Europe. But without doubt, it is necessary to combine this privileged situation, with a technical advice from the beginning of the crop and a rigorous quality control.


Sunny days


Medium temperature


Half hours sun

Costa Tropical of Granada

Unique subtropical microclimate in Europe