We are a company specialized in the manipulation, packaging and commercialization of horticultural products and tropical fruits mainly chirimoya. We rely on the trust of several national and international supermarket chains, very demanding customers, who year after year, trust Mercomotril, S.A., thanks to the quality of our products and the service we provide. We invite you to know us a little more.

Our history

Mercomotril, s.a. Has been operating since its founding in 1992. The company was set up as a consequence of Spain’s entry into the European single market when a group of businessmen and farmers in the area bought the State from its facilities
And finally the privatization of a company until then public.

Mercomotril at present

A commitment to quality horticulture

The main products handled are Dutch cucumber, cherry tomato, cherry tomato rama and cherimoya. We currently have 5 work centers, one of which is dedicated to handling and packaging (Port Center), with the remaining four as product receiving centers (Puntalón Center, Carchuna, Jayena and Bérchules)

The headquarters is located in Motril (Granada) and stands on an area of ​​20,000 m2, 11,000 of which are built and contain a chamber capacity of 1500 m3. The second handling center occupies 7,000 m2, 3,000 of which are built and with a chamber capacity of 300 m3.


The management of the company has chosen to carry out improvements in facilities, infrastructures and machinery in both centers, in order to optimize and guarantee the correct handling and marketing of horticultural products. These operational and technological changes are aimed at achieving greater efficiency in the processes, thus increasing production capacity and respecting the quality philosophy, social and environmental policy defined by the company.

In the handling center, we have a strict quality control, to ensure that the quality requirements of the products we put on the market are met. In the field production, we work closely with the farmer under the GLOBALGAP, GRASP MODULE AND TESCO NURTURE

By applying this philosophy of work we can put on the market products that meet quality requirements, but also these products have been produced under a correct environmental practices and a healthy working environment for workers.

What we can offer?

A product with all the guarantees

Our goal is to satisfy the customer
We work under the Quality Management System. (BRC; IFS)
Thanks to our cooperating farmers we can offer
Maximum quality, controlled from the origin.
Mercomotril, S.A., has opted for a line of ecological agriculture.
Sophisticated machinery combined with a handcrafted work.
We are an authorized company to handle organic product, certificates
by an accredited entity.

Betting on the future of Mercomotril

Mercomotril business plan for the period 2017 – 2019

Mercomotril has developed a business plan to serve as a roadmap for the next triennium (2017-19), aiming to be the solid basis on which both internal and external decisions are made.


The mission represents the identity and personality of the company at the present time, defines what it does and in what context it operates. It should include the basic purpose of the company, that is, what the company exists for; The key areas of action (methods, activities, products or services, etc.) in which the company is committed to achieve that purpose; And the recipients or users of the products / services provided by the company.

Market horticultural products of high quality and differential value to position themselves in the most demanding markets with the greatest potential for growth.


Try to describe the ideal image
Of the company that you want to have in
The future, is a guiding image of success
Of the company.

To become a reference company in
The national market with a philosophy
Based on the delivery of value to
Different stakeholders (stakeholders)
And thereby achieve the sustainability of the environment, loyalty and trust of workers, suppliers and customers and generate economic value for shareholders.


Values are beliefs about the behaviors considere correct and valuable by the company. Do not it is a circumstantial statement or of convenience, but of beliefs basic, essential, valuable intrinsic. It is usually values such as trust, respect, commitment, experience, flexibility to change, concern, cooperation, creativity, etc.

The values that would underpin the performance
Of the company will be synthesized
In the following points:

1. Excellence
2. Loyalty
3. Confidence
4. Honesty
5. Respect
6. Professionalism
7. Transparency
8. Corporate Social Responsibility


The company will develop a strategy that achieves the advantages of differentiation compared to the offer of similar products that exists today; That is, that the customer perceives as unique the product of the company and distinguishes the value proposition; Along with the ability to serve a wider potential market.

Plan de Negocio

To improve the competitiveness of the company, MERCOMOTRIL has to bet on:

Differentiation strategy. This is the most commonly used strategy. The company will try to have a competitive advantage based on differences with competing companies. The competitive advantage can come from the brand image, the product, the service, the location or any other characteristic valued by the consumer. In our case, the differentiation must be focused on the certified quality of our products.

Cost leader. In this strategy the company must be able to offer the lowest prices to consumers. The company has certain disadvantages that do not allow it to have the lowest costs of the sector. For this, an improvement in the operations system and a technological improvement are essential.

Focus or segmentation. It is about being leaders in a small portion of the market. In this case, the company selects a segment of the market. High specialization is a typical option for medium and small companies that can not compete directly against large ones. Our segmentation approach must be based on subtropical products, such as identification of singularity, distinction, gourmet

Administrative department

For issues related to billing, collections, payments, etc., in the Department of Administration we will monday through Friday from 9-14 and 16-20, and saturdays from 9-14 hours. Telephone numbers: 958 601 600 – Fax: 958 601 604

Collected center

In addition to the plant, located in the Port of Motril, in the Polygon of Alborán park 54, has the following fruit picking centers. As a farmer, in these centers received all the attention and information you need.

Center of Puntalón.
Carretera de Gualchos s / n. The Puntalón (Motril)
Center of Carchuna.
Camino del Puntal s / n Carchuna (Motril)
Jayena Centers
Mecina Centers
Centers of Bérchules